The Moonshae Isles

Treasure Hunt
The story begins...

A group of ordinary folk from the Korrin Archipelago were kidnapped by pirate slavers and looked set for a grim life of servitude, when fate intervened.

Cast up on a mysterious island by a mighty storm, they overpowered their captor and killed him, before setting out to explore the island. They happened upon another survivor and quickly banded together. Defeating a band of pooka-folk (goblins) who had best an old man, they found out from him that there was a temple to Brigid, goddess of fortune, on the island.

They stayed there for the night, where they had a visitation from the goddess and fought a ghoul.

The next day, they set out for the mansion of the Sea King, a deceased monarch, where they would find a boat (information given to them by Brigid). Stealth and speed were their watchwords here.

One of their number, Tresmeer the herder, was killed by a pooka spear and the friends had to leave his body behind.

Making their way to the crypts underneath the manor, they were betrayed by Coinneach (the old man) who was revealed to be an insane ex-servant of the Sea King. He tried to kill them, whereupon the old man suffered a heart attack. The pooka had been alerted to their presence and only a rockfall prevented them from finding the new heroes straightaway.

The Sea King and his wife lay untouched by the ravages of time in the crypt. They were also zombies. Courage and mettle were called for and it was shown! Healaugh the fisherman used the lightning javelin he had found upstairs to great effect.

A brief search and the heroes found the boat, and made their escape as the island was scoured of all life by Brigid’s power.

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